Communication Channels


communication channels are important elements of administration activity in the foundation. They provide abilities of power and control to superiors as well as satisfaction and performance to subordinates.

Being accountable to communities means to respect the needs, concerns, capacities and disposition of those with whom we work and to answer for our actions and decisions including the way we communicate to the affected population.

Being accountable to communities requires effective communication with communities to lead people affected by crises to know their rights, entitlements, accessing life-saving information and participate in decisions that affect them.

Effective complaint mechanisms promote accountability as people of concern are better able to report abuse and access additional protection through deterrence. Effective mechanisms also help organizations become less attractive to potential abusers as work environments.

A complaint mechanism is effective when it is safe, confidential, transparent and accessible. The primary concern when establishing SEA reporting channels for affected populations is that multiple entry points exist allowing different methods of reporting (i.e., written, verbal, in person, over SMS, etc.) which are accessible to all potential complainants. Multiple entry points minimize stigmatization of complainants and encourage reporting

SDF has successfully established a call center to receive beneficiaries complaints and community feedback on March 2021 which has 4 dedicated staff, Free Line Operators (FLOs) to receive the calls every day from 8:00am to 4:00pm from all over the governorates and areas covered by SDF.

SDF has a number of safe communication/reporting channels as below:

1.      Freeline

Freelines allow people to obtain information from an organization or to give the organization information or report allegations.

SDF has four freeline number:


And in its posters, it adds the donors hotline as per some donors request

The freeline posters and designs are in Annex A




2.      Complaints and suggestions Boxes

Boxes that are placed in SDF community centers, friendly spaces, distribution points, schools, health facilities, etc...

Which enable the beneficiaries and communities to write down their concerns and report any observed allegation securely.

The complaints boxes specifications and photos in facilities are in Annex B

3.      Help desks

SDF help desks are available in the distribution points, community centers, and friendly spaces. One female and one Male staff are available to only record and response to beneficiaries complaints.

The help desks photos are in Annex C

4.      SDFs email

SDFs main email Some beneficiaries reach SDF for reporting through its official email.


5.      Social Media

SDF has official accounts in Facebook and Twitter

That are published in its website


6.      Verbal complaints through field workers



Annex A

Annex B

Annex C